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Media Strategy

Your Media Strategy today is just as important as the quality and quantity of content.  What channels will maximize your revenue while limiting your spend?  What is the cost of acquisition for a new customer?  How do you create a truly successful omni-channel roadmap in today's ever changing technology landscape?  We can help you setup a strategy that works, with proven results and follower costs on some platforms as low as 4-6 cents per follow!!


Digital Marketing

Cell phones auto-block unknown numbers.  Email spam and clutter are more prevalent than direct mail.  Consumers interact differently with content than they did even 5 years ago.  What options exist for small businesses to increase visibility and drive engagement to their products and services today, and for the next 5-10 years?  One thing is sure, doing what worked yesterday will not work as well moving forward.

Branding & Identity

What is your brand?  How do your customers see your business?  How do you influence and drive growth through consistent people, processes, and technology that all speak to your brand?  Coca Cola, Starbucks, Netflix, and Amazon are good examples of positive Brand equity that have built confidence through consistency and staying ahead of their business.  How will you move from tactical to strategic in building your brand identity?


Social Marketing

Whether utilizing one channel or an omni-channel approach, your social marketing needs to actively develop your brand and contribute to your business KPI's.  How do you ensure alignment?  What execution strategy will provide the most impact in short and long term goals?  How will your audience establish your customer base? We cover YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Captis, Discord, Pinterest, Reddit, and more...


UX/Interactive Design

A customer decides to stay on your website or content in less than 5 seconds.  Is "Visual Quality" the reason people stay?  In short, NO.  Retention and Attention involves many factors that are dependent not only on your customer, but also on your channel of delivery.  Understanding platform advantages and delivering content to meet your customers is our "jam"!



You may have heard the expression, "Content is king!"  While this is absolutely true, you can see that all of the other factors have a role as well.  We can help you deliver content to your customers that matters!  One of the biggest mistakes people make with content is hiring someone who has worked in "corporate marketing" for 20 years and has a traditional approach.  The future of content is here, and if you only deliver generic emails and sales phone calls you will see a decline compared to companies that are more agile and deliver across newer platforms.



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