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Understanding Tomorrow's Behaviors - the Door to Digital Marketing Today

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein

Twelve years ago I made my first business card with a QR Code on it for my real estate ventures . Needless to say, it wasn't a big hit. QR Codes were first invented in 1994 for use in the automotive industry in Japan. In 2006 no one was using QR codes in a conventional business, so as a young entrepreneur studying marketing while working in real estate I thought, "Why not differentiate myself by putting a scan-able QR Code with all of my information on it on my business card!? No clutter!" There was a problem. The technology was no where near mainstream and had not hit what Gartner would affectionately refer to as the Slope of Enlightenment or even better the Plateau of Productivity. If anything I myself was in disillusionment at the time. But a lesson was learned.

FAST FORWARD - It's 2019 and my private ventures have come full circle with use of a QR Code on my business card! Only this time, even IOS and Android can read QR Codes with their cameras and open websites, apps like Instagram, dial phones, or a myriad of other features all built in native. Now the world is ready for them!

What does this story lesson have to do with Marketing today? Let's take a look at Marketing today by understanding tomorrow's behaviors.

Defining Value in a Digital Age

Seek first to understand - your customers will be evolving how they interact and consume

Gone are the days where business leaders can rely on single-channel communications and methods of building relationships with their customers/clients.

This does NOT mean that your company can completely abandon traditional methods of marketing though, instead try to understand What and if possible Why something is important and How, When, and Where to deliver the most VALUE to your customers.

"I Don't know, what I don't know." - Many of the smartest leaders I've spoken with

Tailoring your campaign with an Omni-Channel solution

Here's the challenge. Who can predict the future? Very few of us. What we can do is try and stay knowledgeable about technology, where it is headed, how people are modifying or changing their behaviors, and what we can do to optimize our chances of success as the world continues to evolve.

Companies like Localytics, Tableau, Salesforce, and other solutions that work with CRM and Analytics are redefining how we understand our customers and what behaviors they change. We are no longer able to stick to marketing our products and services by using the same generic emails. Heck, if I could build a custom pivot table in Excel over five years ago to mail-merge my clients and prospects data to choose a more tailored email to their needs and wants, and automate that process; Imagine what relevant data is already sitting out there ready to be used to help our clients how they want to be helped today!

That said, we have to again remember What and if possible Why something is important and How, When, and Where to deliver the most VALUE to your customers. Kelly Bosetti of CEA Marketing wrote a wonderful article, "Print Prospers in a Digital World". You can find the link to that article here:

Kelly also has suggestions on how to combine traditional and digital marketing today. Regardless of the solution, one thing is sure: The ONLY CONSTANT in life is CHANGE.

As marketers, business leaders, and ultimately solution providers, we have to be the ones who are looking and ready for that change for our clients!

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