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The Most Important Questions ANY Leader Can Ask...

Often, we as leaders, get caught up in the turmoil of leading through increasingly complex times. It is important to remember that any leader, in any organization, with just about any business model, can leverage the following simple questions with their employees in order to make more educated and more impactful decisions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish?

  2. Why do you want to accomplish it?

  3. When do you want to accomplish it by?

  4. How do you plan on accomplishing it?

  5. Who will help you accomplish it?

Whether you are trying to motivate someone, attacking a business problem or key initiative, or trying to determine a person's fit for roles or responsibilities, these questions can often give the insight needed.

P.S. - On a similar, yet much more personal note, a person's true, "WHY" for why they get out of bed for every single day can often be the most insightful question of all.

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