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HR RISK - Minimize Your Exposure with 3 Simple Steps

Updated: Feb 14

Working with CIO's of company's up to $750 million has taught me a few things about I.T. Systems and Risk. How does this relate to HR? People are the driving force behind most organizations, and HR is the people process of the organization. Here are 3 Simple Steps that you can do in HR to Minimize Risk and Exposure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

  • Keep it Simple - "Read as Keep I.T. Simple" - Just because there are amazing engineers and I.T. Wizards that do the most amazing things for our businesses every day, doesn't mean that you always have to complicate your I.T. Systems. Look for ways to streamline and improve the flow of information and keep it simple.

  • Use Less Systems - Read as "Eliminate Useless Systems" - Where possible use one secure system to replace many systems. This reduces risk of exposure that often plague HR due to manual import or export, and/or other processes that open potential for human error or paper on the desk syndrome.

  • Automate - Read as "Auto Mate" - Why have hands on something that doesn't require it? Why print and file as a main method of controlling PII? Why import / export? The reality is that many things can be handled by a system or systems that are secure or not "Hand Led" at all. While this may seem risky, it is statistically akin to how much safer airplanes are than cars. Most risk can be virtually eliminated by having a secure system and a secure process in place that the employee enters their own PII into and doesn't need to be touched by anyone else at all.

I hope these 3 Simple Steps to minimize your exposure and cut risk help! Don't hesitate to leave feedback and/or reach out to discuss these and other areas for Business Process Improvement.

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