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3 Ways HR can have an Immediate and Lasting impact on their organization TODAY

Updated: Feb 14

Don't think Covid 19 has brought lasting change to people's lives and organizations everywhere? You may be alone.

April 1st, 2020, Robert Glazer published an article in Forbes titled, "COVID-19 Will Permanently Change The Way Every Generation Lives—Here’s How". His predictions were:

  1. Baby Boomers will go online

  2. Gen-X business leaders will look for their swan song

  3. Millennials will gravitate towards stability

  4. Gen-Z will reevaluate college

Ironically, and with good reason, none of these predictions were about remote work technology, ERP & CRM systems, or fiscal adjustments based on industry and revenue potential or government policy.


At this juncture there are many ways that HR departments everywhere can have a critical role in their organization moving forward.

Here are 3 Immediate and Lasting ways HR can impact the organization TODAY:

  1. Lessen the administrative burden of "people changes" through integrated systems and routines that save time, money, and mitigate risk associated with changes. Free yourself up to handle more critical tasks and be the sounding board your CEO and other leaders need.

  2. Embrace workplace change, focus on positive aspects of workforce productivity through employee engagement and providing key benefits that are actually important to employees.

  3. Take a seat at "the table". Create road-maps for key priorities and embrace people changes AS business changes. Become part of integral conversations to the company's continued success and development, and act as a strategic player rather than a tactical executor.

The next decade will show some of the most drastic changes in how we work using technology as societies across the world, how different types of employment and gig work impact business, and what it means to operate a successful business post Covid 19.

Make sure you get a jump start by focusing three ways that you can have an immediate and lasting impact on your organization!

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